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Sports Exhausts

A sports exhaust is a must for any true sports car fan. Scuderia Systems has enhanced hundreds if not thousands of super cars over the last 10 years and offers customers the best selection of top of the range sports exhausts systems out there. Exhausts are available from the best brands in the market including Capristo, Seca Competizione, Novitec, Hamann Motorsport and Vorsteiner.

High quality sports exhausts don’t just sound amazing, they also create additional power (bhp) for your car. Made from stainless steel each system is highly durable and customers should expect any exhaust from Scuderia Systems to last the life of the car. Sports exhausts are also much lighter than standard systems , typically 30% of the weight, and also run much cooler. With a choice of end pipes and mufflers they also look awesome and add to the aesthetics of any performance car.

Scuderia Systems offers the full portfolio of sports exhausts including: rear mufflers, centre / mid sections, manifolds / headers, catalyst replacements / converters, valved or non-valve systems, remote control software and straight through systems. We work with customers to identify an exact requirement and will also advise and offer customers a range of volume levels from quiet to sport, race or extreme.

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